Should You Floss Before or After You Brush Your Teeth?

Should You Floss Before or After You Brush Your Teeth?

Should You Floss Before or After You Brush Your Teeth?

Some people argue about which way to hang the toilet paper (although everyone at our Bradenton, Florida dental office knows that the paper goes over the top) others argue about whether or not to floss before they brush their teeth or afterward. 

The toilet paper is going to be just as effective whichever way you hang it, but research has shown that it is actually better to floss before you brush.

“Brushing may come before flossing in the dictionary, but it shouldn’t when it comes to our teeth,” the Oral Health Foundation says. “Research has shown interdental cleaning before brushing is the best way to clean our teeth effectively.”

The Oral Health Foundation reported on a study that definitively showed the benefits of brushing first. “Flossing loosens bacteria and food debris from between the teeth, which allows brushing to be much more successful at removing plaque,” the Oral Health Foundation says. 

The study, which was published in the Journal of Periodontology, was based on a randomized controlled crossover trial that was conducted on 25 dental students. The report’s authors concluded that “The results showed that flossing followed by brushing is preferred to brushing then flossing in order to reduce interdental plaque and increase fluoride concentration in interdental plaque.”

The American Association of Orthodontists is among the many organizations that recommends flossing before brushing as the best way to remove dental plaque.  “This sequence was also found to increase fluoride concentration delivered from the toothpaste, which makes your tooth enamel stronger, making it easier to resist decay,” they point out. “That’s right, a simple two-step routine can not only effectively remove dental plaque and strengthen your teeth but can also help to minimize your time in orthodontic treatment.”

Ask any of the dentists in Bradenton and they’ll tell you about the importance of flossing – whether you do it before or after you brush. If you have other questions for our Bradenton dental team, please contact us.

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