Will Gum Disease Put You at Greater Risk for Covid-19?

Will Gum Disease Put You at Greater Risk for Covid-19?, Bradenton dental

Will Gum Disease Put You at Greater Risk for Covid-19?

Our Bradenton dental team makes a point to keep up with new and emerging research in the dental field. That can be especially important during times of public health emergencies – like now! 

Dr. Tiffany Boyd, a Bradenton, Florida dentist whose patients adore her, recently came across some information that is especially relevant to her patients at this time. 

According to a new report, Covid-19 patients who have had gum disease could be at higher risk for severe symptoms if they are infected with the virus. The findings are not shocking, considering that we already know gum disease can have a negative impact on your overall health, but it is important to understand the specific risks when it comes to the coronavirus. 

The Research

According to Dental Products Report, “Emerging research has suggested a there’s a connection between gum disease and SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19], according to a new report, ‘The Mouth COVID Connection (MCC).’”

The study is published in the October 2020 issue of the Journal of the California Dental Association (JCDA). In it, the researchers suggest that if you have a history of gum disease and you are hospitalized with the coronavirus you can be at higher risk for respiratory failure.

 “The MCC study suggests a link between the bacteria in inflamed gums and bone loss—symptoms of chronic periodontitis—and COVID-19 complications,” Dental Products Report says. “Researchers suggest that patients with high levels of IL-6 (interleukin), a harmful protein that is elevated in gum disease, can be at greater risk of suffering life-threatening respiratory problems.”

That news is bad enough, Dental Products Report goes on to tell us that, “Researchers say periodontal disease is the most under-diagnosed ailment in dentistry and they urge those who think they may have periodontitis to get treatment as soon as possible.”

If you are concerned about your gum health or the gum health of a member of your family, particularly any elderly members of your family, please make an appointment to see a dentist in Bradenton, Florida. Of course, we hope you will choose to trust your dental and gum health to our Bradenton dental team, but the important thing is that you get the care you need.

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